Weekends in Dubai: Expat Guide

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Are you planning to move to Dubai? Are you curious to have insight into what life would be like there? Behold! We are just about to spill the beans. 

Tax-free Lifestyle

Here’s a quick to tip to the future expatriates who are all set to embark on to the life-changing journey: Get used to Air conditioner 24/7 as soon as possible. As surrounded by the scorching heat of the desert, the life in Dubai majorly involves living in the AC. This reflects that most of your excursion would be limited to indoor activities. 

Nevertheless, everything is endurable when you receive inflated remuneration packages and tax-free income, don’t believe our words? Take a glance at the taxation information section of The United Arab Emirates’ Government Portal. https://www.government.ae/ Welcome to the lavish world of Emirate! 

Read below to know the top 3 entertainment options that Dubai is known for:

  1. Nightlife

The Dubai nightlife is surely filled with colors, exuberance, and joviality. You will find the range of indoor games club including snowboarding and bowling alleys open until late. If you are a music lover, then you would be happy to know that Dubai is famous as a hub for exceptional music festivals. Significantly, Dubai nightlife does not involve sitting around the bars until the wee hours due to strict alcohol laws. Yet, there are few clubs open so, that you don’t spend the weekend dull. 

  1. Shopping

If you are a shopaholic and love searching through aisles, then Dubai is just the right place for you. The huge shopping malls have stores of all the top-notch brands across the planet. In fact, as astonishing as it may sound, it is illegal to buy any replica in Dubai. So, you better keep your hands off cheap imitations. Dubai is a wonderland for all the gadget lovers because you can always get the latest electronic gizmos at economical prices. 

Dubai Mall is the architecture chef-d’oeuvre. The biggest mall will always leave you fascinated no matter how many times you pay a visit. Whether to run errands for a grocery shopping or to satisfy your long-haul shopping spree, Dubai will never let you become jaded of shopping.

3 Eating out

Cheers, to all the foodie expats out there! Dubai will surely spoil you with its plenteous eateries and thousands of restaurants providing a range of cuisines from each corner of the world. The ‘brunch’ trend at the 5-star hotels in Dubai should be the very first thing on your to-do list. Mark your Calendar for your first weekend in Dubai to savor the flavorsome ‘Brunch’ buffet at 12 pm sharp.

The Bottom Line

Living in Dubai will prove to be an enthralling experience for you. Each weekend will be filled with the essence of adventure and fun. So, grab your boarding pass right away and relish the perfect work-life-balance in Dubai. 





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