Top 3 Tips for Smooth Job Search


Finding a job is rather more daunting than finding a perfect date. In fact, there’s more chance that your blind date will workout as opposed to finding your dream job. It can be really getting on your nerves to spot a suitable job online and applying for it, going for an interview and later finding that it’s a mismatch. If you are stuck in the cycle of applying, interviewing and disappointment, then we have got for you the top 3 tips for a smooth job search.

Tip 1: Create a Network

This tip is the most underrated yet the most significant of all. Only if people could understand it is to narrow down your professional network to your specific field and work industry. This allows you to get to know about the latest job opportunities that are relevant to your work field. LinkedIn serves as the most credible platform for professional networking, enabling you to remain in direct contact with the CEO, HR managers, and hiring authorities of your niche-specific firms. It saves you time spent on searching for jobs online for hours.

Tip 2 Do your Research

Finding a job is stressful, but just a little homework can go a long way. Many of the beginners neglected the significance of this step and chose to send resumes to the crowd. Here’s a brutal truth, spamming and submitting your resume to each and every employer does not look at all guarantee job placement. It is essential to do thorough research before applying for any job and critically evaluate whether you stand on the criteria mentioned in the job specification. This not only saves you from the hassle of filling out the job application. But, also keeps you from getting disheartened by receiving multiple rejections.

Tip 3 Built Portfolio

Even many of the experienced professionals disregard this tip, assuming that people will know each bit about them by reviewing the resume only. However, as you post each piece of your information on a dating profile, you needs to build your portfolio before applying for any job. Additionally, with a massive number of applicants applying for a specific job position, a portfolio gives your candidacy an edge to stand out. So, it is vital to create a fascinating collection to attract the employers, providing them with an insight into what you bring forth that is beneficial for the company.


Job search in one tedious procedure and there may be many instances you may feel like giving up hopelessly. The key to finding your dream job is to remain consistent in your pursuit and remain positive, no matter how many rejections you face. HAVE A HAPPY JOB SEARCH! 🙂

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