Tips To Get A Job in The UAE


Looking for a job in this advanced world is as hard as you could imagine. Most of the countries don’t provide you enough resources for earning and in the end, you decide to move to another country. And the most common country people choose is UAE. This country is fully supportive to fulfill your needss. But, there are a few things, without which, even UAE is not going to hire you. So for your ease, there are some tips to get a job in the UAE. Read and understand these tips well, and share your response in the comment box.  

Register on leading Jobs Portals

The first and the most necessary tip to follow in order to get a job in the UAE is to register on the leading job portals and popular search sites to apply to relevant UAE job openings. Now, there are two types of job portals in UAE, the private ones and the government ones. Most of the sites allow job seekers to create a new account free of cost. Even though some of the private sites and portals are pretty successful, but you can still try any of the following government jobs portals:

  • Job Portal of Federal Government
  • Emirates Job Bank
  • Tawteen Gate
  • Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation
  • Virtual Job Market
  • Dubai Careers

Use Social Media as a Source

The next thing to do is apply for jobs in UAE through social media platforms and professional connections online. Social media is one of the biggest or probably the biggest society that connects people living far apart from each other. So using it for finding a job in the UAE is a perfect idea for you, especially if you are from another country. So for this, build relevant contacts within the HR fraternity across social portals and professional networking websites. 

Visit Job Fairs in UAE

UAE is full of amusement, beauty, and steamship. And every year, hundreds of job fairs and expos take place within huge gatherings. Most of the job fairs have been held until now. But still, there are many left behind. Some job fairs and expos that you must visit this year are listed below:

  • World Future Energy Summit 
  • Applied Linguistics and Language teaching international conference and exhibition 
  • National Career Exhibition 
  • Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Career Fair
  • Online International School Job Fair
  • Nursing Job Fair Middle East
  • Careers UAE
  • ISN’s Gulf Expo, and many more.

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