The Perks You Get From UAE Labor Law: Expat Guide


Working in Dubai is a dream of every veteran doctor and nurse. But, working abroad leaving the comfort zone of your hometown behind, sounds no less than the worst nightmare. Nevertheless, just a fear of living in a strange place should never be a hurdle between accomplishing your career goals. Especially when working as an expat provides you with plenteous learning experiences and earning opportunities. Here’s we have gathered for you some most common labor laws in Dubai that bring all the odds in your favor:

The UAE Labor Law

The legislative framework of Federal Law No. 8 established in 1980 provides insights into the employees’ rights applicable to the private sector of the UAE. It tells about the minimum working hours, sick leaves, maternity leaves, and other health and safety perks that employees can get benefit from while serving in the private sector of Dubai. Significantly, the right provided to the employees does not discriminate between expats or nationals and applies to both.

1. Working Hours, Paid-leave and Public Holidays

Section 65 of this labor law obligates 48 working hours per week, following 8 hours per day. During Ramadan season, two work hours are reduced per day. Additionally, you can relish 30 days of holidays per year after completing a year of your employment. Unfortunately, there is no leave entitlement within the first six months of your employment. This can certainly leave you homesick but you can always begin cherishing your new place, home.

2. Overtime Payment

Under any circumstances, that the employers ask you to work for more than eight hours a day (48 hours a week) will be counted as overtime. The employees are always paid accordingly for the overtime. If an employer exceeds your working hours without paying the overtime, then its a clear breach of law.

3. End of Service benefits

The confirmed employees receive the perk of gratuity after the end of their service. Despite, you are only eligible to get an end of the service benefits if you have served a year of employment at least. Gratuity is calculated on an annual basis and is paid provided that the total amount does not exceed the wages of two years.

4. No Visa Fee

The best part about working in the UAE is that you would never be asked to pay for the work permit and visa fee. The UAE Labor Law obligates the employers to bear the expenses of visa cost and work permit.

5. Healthcare Facilities

Article 91 to 101 specifies certain safety measures that employers must cater to assure the safety of their employees. Each employer in the UAE must ensure the provision of medical care in alignment with the standards of the UAE labor ministry. Employers are also obligated to provide a hazard-free working environment to the employees and make feasible availability of first aid kits within the workplace.

6. Accommodation Facilities

The employers must provide accommodation and transportation facilities to the employees. Employees may be subjective to payment for these facilities. Except, if your salary is less than Dh.2000 then you will get free accommodation from the employers.

The Bottom Line

Working in Dubai not only proves to be a learning possibility for your career but also serves as an enthralling journey of life. A journey that will be full of ease and facilities that you would never want to go back to your hometown ever again. In addition, at any moment of your employment, you feel that your employees’ rights are being abducted; you can always seek legal assistance. The UAE Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation would be more than happy to help you!

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