Power Verbs For an Attractive CV

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Before we head to these power verbs, let’s discuss what power verbs refer to. Power verbs are commonly known as doing words and their actual use is to describe actions. To give your CV a new, attractive, and crucial look, power verbs are very helpful to you. They will boost your CV and show recruiters you are proactive and effective for your organization. Now, what are these verbs, you will find out in this blog.


The first and probably the most powerful verb is managed. This verb is deeply linked to your management skills. You needs to write your experience in management in your CV. Remember, this management is not only limited to people or teams. Instead, your abilities like time management, process management, and supplier management are thoroughly examined via your CV. As a result, the recruiter will get pretty impressed. In this way, the power verb is essential to you.


The next power verb on the list is optimized. Most of the organization are always eager to get optimization from their employers. So, if your CV is optimized, then there is a pretty great chance that you will be recruited.


To some extent, you must be supportive and helpful to your mates. That is because most jobs involve helping others in some way. Especially, supporting your customers with queries is something that the recruiter will like. Therefore, make it clear in your CV and show the impact you make on other people’s life.


This power verb is often used in a negative sense. But in CV, its meaning is completely changed. There is always something in a job that must be reduced with no offense. This generally includes cutting, spending, or reducing staff turnover. Because it often increases profits and boosts morale.


The power verb is very known to all of you. Here the word developed refers to some solid examples of ideas you established for the wellness of the organization. So, if you are able to give those solid examples, you will surely at the shore of getting recruited for the job.

Similarly, there are few other power verbs as well, whose use is going to be pretty helpful for you in recruiting. These include:

  • Increased
  • Presented
  • Resolved
  • Improved
  • Negotiate

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