New License for Visiting Doctors in Dubai


Working as a Doctor in Dubai is hectic and can surely blow you with a messed up work-life balance. Most of the time, you inevitably will end up working on even on your off-day due to emergency calls. However, the earning possibilities that await you in Dubai outweigh all the pains you suffer through while your employment tenure in Dubai and UAE. And, what if we tell you that you can now maximize these earning opportunities in Dubai with the newly launched License for visiting doctors.

Perks of New License

The primary agenda of this ‘Visiting Doctor’s License’ is providing the doctors with permission to work at three medical intuitions at a time on the part-time employment contract. The Dubai Healthcare City Authority has launched this new License as a part of Dubai’s Fifty-Year Charter. The charter aims to enhance the quality of life in Dubai and majorly focuses on improving the healthcare sector of the Emirates. Following are the top perks provided by this License to international medical practitioners, dentist, physicians and surgeons:

  • ‘Visiting Doctors’ License’ allows the healthcare professional to work at up to three medical organizations in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) free zone.
  • This License will be valid for two years.
  • International Allied healthcare professionals will be able to apply for this License from their homeland. 
  • Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) will sponsor the International healthcare professional for visa and residence permits. 

Comparing the New License with the Old License

The old License provided the international doctors, surgeons, and physician were valid for a short period. It was only valid for the period of three months with an applicable extension period of more three months. Which led to enhanced job-insecurity among the ex-pat community of doctors. Thereby, the launch of new License no addresses the concerns and provides the job security by extending the validity of the License to two years. 

Significantly, the License is not just available for the existing ex-pat doctors within the DHCC free zone. But now expert doctors from all around the globe can get this License once gaining their eligibility status. The eligibility status is acquired by obtaining a LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE and entering an employment contract with any healthcare organization in Dubai. Such serves as a formal declaration showcasing the eligibility of the doctors to work within the vicinity of Dubai. You can apply for this License via e-service portal at

The Added Benefits

Living thousands of miles away from your home and families can leave you depressed. Additionally, earning fortune gives no sense of accomplishment unless your loved ones are nearby to celebrate your success. Fret no more! As this newly launched License allows doctors to sponsor their families for two years as well. The new License will help doctors make most of out of their employment in Emirates that too, while not neglecting their families. 

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