Guide to Find Nursing Jobs in Dubai


Finding a nursing job in Dubai is not at all an easy task to do. The efforts it entails can surely leave you frustrated and what even is the point of the unlimited job search that is fruitless. But, don’t fret because Doc2Dubai blog got you covered.

Why Choose Dubai For Nursing Jobs?

Dubai is home to international-standard hospitals with increased demand for expert healthcare professionals. The majority of the healthcare organizations in Dubai provide competitive market remuneration to the nurses, along with other fringe benefits like accommodation, travel allowance and much more. IF you are preparing to work as an RN in Dubai below are the top three tips you must know to land your dream job:

1) Know Your Job Specification

The major mistake that most of the candidates make while finding a job is spamming. There is no point in applying to thousands of jobs all at once, as this will surely not help you land even a single position. The trick is to narrow down your job list and select the top 10 jobs that seem to match your portfolio. This maximizes your chances of getting hired without wasting your time.

2) Ace Your DHA Nursing Exam

The primary requirement for working as an RN in Dubai is to qualify for the Dubai Health Authority assessment. If you manage to pass this assessment with flying colors, then nothing can stop you from getting the job you desire and savor the joys of tax-free income in Dubai.

3) Prove your Experience

Getting a job in Dubai as a registered nurse is undoubtedly competitive. But, the trick is to prove your work experience in your home country to set your application apart. Approximately an experience of 2 years is required to work at a reputed hospital in Dubai and UAE. Stay in good terms with your past employers and provide a solid reference letter to the HR in Dubai as it serves

4) Keep Your Eye on DHCC Website

DHCC is the official website of Dubai Healthcare City, a government-run platform that is definitely an authoritative source to help all the job seekers. This website post details about the job opportunities, internship opportunities, required courses or other qualifications in demand to acquire a job in Dubai. With the help of this site, you can remain up to date with the latest changes in the requirement of the jobs and apply for different courses essential for getting a career as a registered nurse in Dubai.

5) Practice Patience 

Finding a perfect job is a time-consuming and stressful job. It is essential that you remain patient through the process and learn from trial and error methods to create an excellent application to help you land the dream job.

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