Culture Shock faced By Expats in UAE

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Culture Shock You May Face in UAE

Culture shocks are more like natural phenomena. Whenever a person travels to a new place with new people practicing another religious and culture, it is normal to end up feeling taken aback for a while. Thereby, it is always better to be mentally prepared for such shocks to deal with them sleekly.

Is UAE Safe To Live?

But, before getting to know about the top cultural shock you may be dubious about the safety and law and order situations within the vicinity of UAE. The answer is that the UAE is acknowledged as the second safest country around the globe. According to a local survey published on Gulf news in 2018, 96% of the population feels safe to roam around Dubai even late at night.

Religion and Ramadan Season in UAE

Islam is the official religion in UAE and the local Emiratis are obedient Muslims. However, the UAE alone is one liberal state and respects other religions as well. The state provides full leverage to the minorities to practice their religions without any threat. In fact, there are several Churches in Dubai where you can go easily and the charms during Christmas is as glorious as in any western country. Additionally, during the month of Ramadan, eating and drinking publicly is prohibited during the fasting hours that are dawn to dusk. Don’t worry you can always eat and drink privately and should respect the cultural difference wholeheartedly.

Alcohol and Drugs Consumption

Alcohol consumption is legal for only non-Muslims within Dubai. However, be careful to only opt for a restaurant and pub that possess an alcohol license. Additionally, expats must acquire an alcohol license from the Emirati police before purchasing any sort of alcohol. On the other hand, drugs are totally prohibited and there is no leniency on it, you may end in jail for even a pinch of the drug. However, medical drugs can be brought with an official prescription of the Doctor.

Marriage Law in the UAE

The law strictly prohibits cohabitation with a civil partner within the regions of UAE. You may consider marrying your partner before beginning a new chapter of life in Dubai. As even this slight thing can cost you, your job along with deportation, which surely you would never want. Additionally, public display of affection is also not regarded as respectable in the UAE. Thereby, there will be occasions when men will leave the place where there are numerous females, out of respect.

Sunday is the New Monday

Soon after you begin working in Dubai, thank God, its Thursday will be your new mantra. The weekends in Dubai are on Friday and Saturday. Surprisingly, Sunday is the first working day of the week. You may take time to get you used to the new routine and adopting the weekend rule. But delicious brunches on each Friday would soon become the reason you will get excited for the weekends.

Remember that living in Dubai, as an expat is an equally tough and exciting job. By overcoming these cultural shocks on the go, you will soon begin to embrace your life in UAE and surely experience what a lavish lifestyle is all about.

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